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Take a Trip Back in Time


Back to the Past

Nostalgia is a hard feeling to fight, especially for the decade that you came of age in. There is something extremely special about those formative years. Just because the decade has come and gone does not mean you cannot go back, if only for the night.
For those lucky enough to have grown up during the 80s can still celebrate like it is 1985 with BSA Events and Entertainment. Our Ultimate Eighties Band will show up with gnarly costumes and play the best hits of the decade. Get on your best LA Gear and tease those bangs so you can dance the night away to Men at Work and Flock of Seagulls.
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Holiday Hoopla!


Holiday Entertainment and Party Planning

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your office holiday party.  Although some people consider it a drag and an awkward get together with their coworkers, BSA Events and Entertainment knows how to create a festive event that is sure to please.

Whether it’s creating an indoor miniature golf course or shooting hoops with Monster Basketball, spice up a typical holiday party with a big present to all.  BSA also provides theme packages and entertainers for those looking for a specific show.  Contact us now to get started on the perfect holiday cheer.

Plan it Easy and Great

party table

The Benefits of Working with Event Help

We understand the time and energy it takes to create a successful event. With all of the thought that you’ve put into your occasion, why not be able to enjoy the evening completely? Hiring an event planner or someone else to help create the party means that your workload is diminished.
Whether it’s dealing with a caterer, floral designer, or anyone else critical to the evenings progression, having someone work with you always helps. The beauty of your occasion is to celebrate and enjoy.With BSA Events and Entertainment, we’ll help lift your occasion to another level.

Fun Party Themes For Your Celebration

girl with sparkler
With so many years behind our belt, we’ve helped plan just about every party. Starting way back when from Motown to The Disco Years and beyond- we can make just about anything happen. We want your event to be a huge success that you and your guests will remember for years to come. We’ve received fantastic reviews from corporate parties and even  Derby themed parties!

A Skilled Event Planner is Key

Although many people have  “do it yourself” attitude, it’s important to know when help is needed. You want your party or event to be a huge success, so an experienced planner is necessary. From small gatherings to huge celebrations or birthdays, we can cover it all from start to finish. We’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide the party supplies, just give us a call or stop by!

Creating a Memorable Event


The Spectacular Entertainment and Special Events People Remember

When you’re planning your next corporate, nonprofit, church or school event, remember that the quality of the entertainment will go a long way towards setting the overall tone for your day (or evening). Fair or not, it will also determine the lasting impression left in the minds of event goers about the host or hostess, as well. Don’t take a chance on less than stellar party planning or questionable entertainment resources. Your special event deserves the best-and a company proven to stage the kind of spectacular celebrations their clients depend upon.

BSA Events can turn your “ho hum” celebration into a “HOLY COW!” event. For additional information, visit us online.