Separate Your Fundraiser from the Rest


Raise Money & Have a Great Time

When gambling, some people tend to see the glass as half full. Everyone that gambles has hopes to win, chancing is a big part of the fun. When a person experiences a big win, the sometimes become overly optimistic about their chances of winning again.

That first win can make them unrealistically think that other great wins will easily occur again. It is basically a form of entertainment that’s costs and when you win, it is a bonus and when you don’t you will have hopefully enjoyed your time playing and in this case, walk away knowing your losses help raise money.

BSA Events and Entertainment has all of the necessities you need for your fundraiser, from all of the gaming to the play money or casino chips. All of the dealers are also professionally and supervised by an actual real Pit Boss. For more information visit our site or call (248)850-5870


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